Martin Gordon - Genesis Visible Touch

“Some people just show you how to pass tests. He teaches you to be your creative best.”

This particular Martin Gordon ( It’s a popular name!! ) was born in Canada during the mid ’70’s. He was delivered by the famed Dr. Nurse, who hold him aloft and proclaimed upon his birth “May this child be a blessing upon this Earth!” The newborn promptly peed down the doctors arm and thus began his journey.

His accordion virtuoso father (another Martin Gordon) gave up his instrument in his early teens. Fuelled by a desire to be a professional hockey playing Jesuit monk he left the old squeeze box behind never to return. Many years later he bought his son a guitar and was officially absolved, by the Pope, of the terrible sin of quitting an instrument.

“Little Mart” Gordon was a late comer to guitar. With no musical education he started dabbling with six strings at the age of 16 or 17 and was instantly hooked by the power of making music. Not long after he picked up the guitar he was singing in bands as well as playing guitar and bass in as many settings and groups as possible. In the late ’90’s he left his home in Canada to travel the world in search of experience and inspiration.

After many an adventure our man eventually settled in the cultural hive that is Farnborough, England. Upon receiving an Hons. Degree in Music he began teaching at a leading music institute in the UK.

He continues to write and gig his own material and also plays in a full production Genesis Collins-Era act as guitarist, bassist, backing vocalist and Taurus pedalist! In 2015 Martin Gordon released an album of all original material called “Green Light“. It is available at all major digital outlets.

Martin also gives unique one to one and group music lessons that focus on a range of skills depending on the learner. He covers not only technique, song writing, recording and theory but also a body/mind/spirit philosophy that asks the student to evaluate their own musical intentions and how they want to develop on their instruments. He seeks to inspire critical thought so the student can then constructively critique themselves and eventually teach others if they wish. Each person is unique and so, therefore, is his approach to each student.